Where can I get railway PPE in the UK?

The railway plays an integral part in the modern transportation industry. Railways, like any other man-made structure, require constant checks and maintenance. Railway workers are the people behind such activities. They are involved in the installation and maintenance of railway tracks. They also engage in activities such as cutting rails to the appropriate lengths, repair old rails, and lay foundations for tracks. These activities expose railway workers to harsh, as well as risky conditions.

What is railway PPE?

Individuals who work in the railways require Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE). Railway PPE is designed to protect railway workmen while keeping them comfortable as they work. Railway PPE includes items such as eye protective goggles, safety headgear, gloves, safety footwear, and respiratory protective equipment.

It is mandatory for railway workers to be fully clothed in the appropriate protective equipment. The employer in most instances provides the equipment. The items are available at numerous outlets in the UK that stock protective wears for the different classes of workmen who require protection from work-related risks.

The following are the main suppliers of personnel protective equipment in the UK.

Top 10 railway PPE suppliers in the UK

Below is a list of the top 10 suppliers of railway protective equipment. The companies have online shops where workmen can shop for any protective wear that they need. These companies supply industrial safety equipment that includes safety clothes, eye protection equipment, and first aid kits. In addition, these stores have safety boots, eye protective equipment, and high visibility clothing. If you are a railway worker and are looking to purchase any of these products, here is a number of stores you can buy from.

  • Essential safety wear
  • The Safety Supply Company
  • Spartan Safety Limited
  • Arco
  • Smart Trade Shop
  • Ballyclare limited
  • Seton
  • Tiger supplies
  • Northern Merchandise limited
  • Protec Direct